About Us

In the evolving world of scarf, they were solely adorned with floral patterns.

Being a crazy cat lady, living a feline-themed life is my thing and why not extend this passion to my scarf?

However, the joy of donning these cat-themed scarf comes with its own set of pros and cons, especially when faced with restrictions during prayer, as my mom wisely reminded me.

Fast forward to the arrival of a new family member, my first-born, Natrah Amir Putri. Reflecting on her adorable relationship with our blue BSH, Muk, I envisioned a charming fusion of her wearing a scarf, black sunglasses, and playing with the cat. Thus, the concept of HARTAN was born.

Enter our inaugural hijab line, "The Clowder of Catso" scarf and shawl, complemented by exquisite pearl accessories.

Dear all cat hooman, this collection is a must-have for your daily attire, to serve our Boss Cat!

Pawful of Love,